Phil never intended to go solo, but Hurricane Dennis back in 2005 changed all that.  He's been playing Callaghan's Irish Social Club ever since.  Regular gigs also include Ashland Midtown Pub, Joe Cain Cafe, Jack's by the Tracks (Pascagoula), The Tiki (Gautier), and the Tin Cow (Pensacola).  Lots of vintage everything...everything. Originals, too. Y'all come.

Phil solo

Phil & Walon

Phil & Walon have been playing together since 1989 and have forged the kind of sound that epitomizes the classic brother duet style of the golden era of country music. They play bluegrass, folk, lots of vintage country, and a little of everything else--really.

Phil (lead guitar), Walon Smith (bass), and Ken Adams (drums) started playing together in the 1980s. They formed Daddy Longlegs in the 1990s and haven't looked back. Vintage rock & roll from the 1950s into the 1980s with a few tunes from outside the box. This is a very high energy power trio.

Daddy Longlegs

Dog River Boys