April 2024



12.14.21 Check out Phil & Foster's latest single, "Blue Ribbon Love," recently released on all streaming platforms. Also check out our FB page as well as the Marlow Boys and my own music page here. Hope to see you out and about ASAP.

04.01.20 Times definitely are a-changing. In the wake of the Coronavirus/Covid-19 pandemic, most performing artists (and lots of other people) are creating new opportunities in order to make up for lost revenue. Look for live streaming performances on Facebook, Twitch, this website, and other platforms. Lots of possibilities. Please do your part to slow the spread of this scourge: wash your hands, sanitize and disinfect, wear a face covering, practice responsible social distancing, and encourage others to do the same. We'll get through this!

05.25.19 School's out and it's about time. Shows galore, parking lots, pay phones, shopping carts, etc. My favorite time of year. Let's do this. Looking forward to Cary Hudson as special guest with Phil & Foster at Callaghan's June 5. We'll have Caleb Murph and Travis Patch as guests the following week (June 12). I have shows coming up with the Marlow Boys, Walon Smith, Cotton Bird, and Rollin' in the Hay, and my Instant Karma bandmate, Keating Johns, with his band, Milltowne. Hope to see you out and about!

02.09.19 Busy, busy, busy. Marlow Boys have some shows coming up at Fairhope Brewing, the Listening Room of Mobile, the Frog Pond, and Callaghan’sPhil & Foster are all over the place during Mardi Gras, plus we have special guests Edward David Anderson, Grayson Capps, Pur-Sang (formerly Sirius Plan), Cary Hudson, Ryan Balthrop, and Abe Partridge joining us at Callaghan’s in the coming weeks. I have a few solo shows and some dates with Cotton Bird, Jesh Yancey, Rolling in the Hay, and others. Laissez les bon temps rouler!

06.29.18  Marlow Boys' Green Room, Volume Two is finished and is scheduled for a mid/late July release. We're excited about it, to say the least. Lots of good buzz about the entire project. Watch for it on Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon and more! Keep your eyes and ears open for album release parties at Callaghan's, Dority's, Jack's by the Tracks, and elsewhere. This year's Nappie Award nominations include the Marlow Boys (Best Local Band), Stan Foster (Best Bass Player), Karl Langley (Best Drummer), and Phil Proctor (Best Guitar Player). Yes, YES, YASSS!

03.19.18  Marlow Boys are wrapping up tracking for Green Room, Volume Two and loving every minute of it. We are currently at nine new studio tracks and an interesting live track. Amassing songs for Volume Three. Oh Yeah! Upcoming shows with Stan Foster, Walon Smith, Marlow Boys, John Cochran, Ethan Snedigar, Brooks Hubbert, and others. Keep your ear to the ground and rock on.