06.29.18  Marlow Boys' Green Room, Volume Two is finished and is scheduled for a mid/late July release. We're excited about it, to say the least. Lots of good buzz about the entire project. Watch for it on Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon and more! Keep your eyes and ears open for album release parties at Callaghan's, Dority's, Jack's by the Tracks, and elsewhere. This year's Nappie Award nominations include the Marlow Boys (Best Local Band), Stan Foster (Best Bass Player), Karl Langley (Best Drummer), and Phil Proctor (Best Guitar Player). Yes, YES, YASSS!

03.19.18  Marlow Boys are wrapping up tracking for Green Room, Volume Two and loving every minute of it. We are currently at nine new studio tracks and an interesting live track. Amassing songs for Volume Three. Oh Yeah! Upcoming shows with Stan Foster, Walon Smith, Marlow Boys, John Cochran, Ethan Snedigar, Brooks Hubbert, and others. Keep your ear to the ground and rock on.