Phil Proctor & Molly Thomas at The Collab: A Songwriters Night

Mobile, AL

In the heart of Quasi Studios, where the air hums with anticipation and the walls echo with stories, there exists a musical haven—the Collab. It’s not just a show; it’s an invitation to step into a soulful universe, where melodies intertwine like old friends and lyrics bloom like wildflowers after rain. Featuring Molly Thomas, Phil Proctor, Brigham Cason, Symone French, Johnny Hayes, Ric McNaughton, Melodi Rose, Dedan Dials, J. Haynes, IndYah Rashaud.

Close your eyes, and you’ll feel it—the swampy embrace of acoustic guitars, the bayou breeze whispering secrets. The Collab isn’t about polished perfection; it’s about raw emotion. Musicians step onto the stage, their calloused fingertips plucking chords that resonate with the ache of lost love, the joy of discovery, and the grit of survival.

Doors 4pm, Show 5pm

Tickets: $20

Limited Capacity